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Wood and Faux Wood Venetian Blinds
Deciding on blinds can certainly be a difficult task. There are so many options, styles, colours – but which ones will be a benefit to your home? Venetian blinds are definitely a popular pick! Whether they are real wood or faux wood, each has its advantages. You must take into consideration various factors, for example, the durability, ease of maintenance, resistance to temperatures and even the overall appearance! Here at Yewbarrows, we offer both options, but we want to guide you in the right direction and help you to figure out which blinds are for you. So, we have compiled a quick guide to help you out!

Real Wood Blinds
In the world of blinds, the appeal of authentic wood is very hard to match! The rich, warm and classic textures all create a timeless look. Wood is also known to complement homes both older and modern, making them easier to style. Yewbarrow Blinds offer beautiful naturally sourced woods and set them apart from other retailers. And due to the high versatility of wood, we can provide blinds in both light and dark tones. Real wood is also a great natural insulator! It provides protection from external weather conditions and can block UV rays and reduce solar heat gain. Wood gains are an ideal choice when considering energy efficiency. This material can also be easily cleaned and dusted. This is beneficial as they can obtain a fresh look, even with regular cleaning. Other materials pose this as a problem, whereas for real wood this is a great advantage!

Faux Wood Blinds
Faux wood blinds are the closest thing that you can get to real wood – the appearance is uncanny! Although it is an option made from durable polymer materials, it still holds the charm of looking just like real wood. Plus, Yewbarrow Blinds offers faux wood blinds in a range of styles, colours and an array of textures. We have you covered if this is the option you are looking for! A great benefit of faux wood blinds is the fact they are durable and moisture resistant. This means that they do not warp or fade when being exposed to moist conditions. In addition, this material doesn’t crack, chip, peel or yellow over time! Faux blinds can also be really easily deep cleaned and hosed down. This is a brilliant advantage as it means that you will not have to worry about causing water damage when cleaning, as it will not be impacted.

Whatever you are looking for, Yewbarrow Blinds can help you with all of your blind needs! With our wide range of blinds in stock and on display on our website, why not have a browse? We also offer a free no-obligation quote to our customers. Come and take a look at our haven of blinds, we know how important finding the perfect ones are.

  • Have a consultation – this allows you to understand your options, work within a budget and create something that works for you (evening & weekend appointments available)
  • Think about functionality – always think about the ease of use for the blind, if you have young children this is definitely something to consider
  • How reliable are they – don’t just go for the cheapest option, the idea is you buy your blind once and not have to worry about it again.

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