Yewbarrows Blinds is a local family run blind supplier in the heart of Yorkshire! We cover Wakefield, Barnsley, Castleford, Pontefract and the surrounding areas. As a business, we stock a variety of quality fabrics, styles and accessories for blinds. We offer a fitting service and even a free no-obligation quote to our customers, so why not get in touch today?

Roller blinds are a simple but effective choice for your home. They’re really easy to use and are operated with a simple pull chain mechanism. For those with little ones, this option is also completely child safe fitted and includes the latest “breakaway devices”. At Yewbarrow, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service, therefore, if requested, we are also able to fit a p-clip tie to the wall to hold the chain securely and safely.

At Yewbarrow Blinds, we have a wide range of roller blinds, includes various fabrics from all of the best suppliers. This type of blind is often deemed ‘standard’, however, there are in fact a lot of customisation options available. For example, we offer two upgrade options: one being that you can request our “middle-range”. This option includes an aluminium cassette (pelmet/blind box) which hides the roller when up. This option also comes with a metal chain rather than plastic and even a metal bottom bar again rather than plastic.

Our second upgrade option is the ‘High range’ – which includes the same characteristics as above but also comes with the Louvolite rechargeable battery. This means only one thing– Remote control & Alexa enabled blinds if also required l! In turn, this means that there is no need for any chains. The way this works is that your blinds can be programmed to one remote to make them work and coincide together. The charging process is very simple and is just a case of plug-in a cable into the motor end and leaving for around 4 hours. This will allow you around 4-6 months of battery life without having to worry about constant recharge.

Why choose roller blinds?

There are many reasons why roller blinds could be the ideal option for your windows – whether in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. This type is the perfect functioning blind and can be styled for any type of room decor. But, just because you can style them, does that make them the best option? Well, some other reasons to choose roller blinds are:

  • They create a classic look for any style of room. This is greatly beneficial as it means no matter how you choose to decorate it, your blinds will always match!
  • There is a large range of fabrics that can be used and matched to our other style of Vertical blinds!
  • This style comes with a silver and white bottom bar to match – the perfect combination.
  • You can add a remote control & Alexa or google home hub to ensure the safety of children and the ease of use.

As mentioned above, the majority of roller blind fabrics are also available in Vertical Blinds as well. So if you want to mix and match this is a perfect opportunity to bring your visions to life. Cassettes are available in White, Black or Anthracite finishes. To find out more details please contact us on 01977 860120 or email us at! We cannot wait to hear from you.

  • Have a consultation – this allows you to understand your options, work within a budget and create something that works for you (evening & weekend appointments available)
  • Think about functionality – always think about the ease of use for the blind, if you have young children this is definitely something to consider
  • How reliable are they – don’t just go for the cheapest option, the idea is you buy your blind once and not have to worry about it again.

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