Just as vertical blinds are great for wide windows and sliding glass doors, horizontal blinds (Venetian blinds) are great for that modern look. We are here to help you find the best blinds are likely to show off the interior of your home or office. We have a wide range of different types of fabrics that provide different types of light control.

Motorized blinds and shutters are rapidly gaining in popularity and are expected to grow in the coming years. Ease of use, energy efficiency, pre-programming and control from smartphones and cards explain their popularity around the world. Fully Automated 2022 will be the year of fully automated window handling with motorized blinds, that go beyond simple point-and-click remote control.

With so many exciting trends and features, make 2022 the year when you show your love for your windows with beautiful new curtains, blinds, shutters or drapes. So, if your new shutters or shades are on your New Year’s plans, check out our guide to window treatments trends for 2022 below. To see and learn more about this year’s window trends, request a free home or business consultation with our Yewbarrow Blinds Blinds team.

That’s why we created this 2022 Yewbarrow Blinds Guide, which covers all the upcoming blinds, blinds and shades trends, why they are becoming popular and how you can get your hands on them. Over the decades here at Yewbarrow Blinds, we’ve seen many trends come and go for the most popular types of window blinds. We at Alluring Windows are familiar with certain trends and are confident we can convince you otherwise. So, if you’ve done some decor and are looking for the latest in shading for your home, you might be wondering, “What blind types are going to be in vogue in 2022?”

Next time someone tells you that vertical blinds are obsolete, you should probably ask them to research 2022 blind trends and ask if vertical blinds are obsolete. Since interior design trends are constantly changing, it’s a good idea to check out stylish curtains and blinds before decorating your windows. You can sit down with your curtain company to discuss what type of custom vertical blinds you need.

You can buy roller blinds that let in light, or blackout roller blinds that almost block out light. The degree of privacy you need can determine what type of blinds you get because some are made of solid fabric, such as curtains, that block out visuals when closed. This is because they tend to fit better into windows, reducing cold air ingress and hot air wasted.

Whether you’re looking for horizontal, Roller or vertical blinds, They all remain very popular choices, especially for apartment buildings, basement windows, and patio sliding doors. Faux wood or wooden horizontal blinds and vertical blinds Transparent fabrics for vertical blinds have been trending for those looking for something modern yet functional for direct light. Some of the main trends in 2022 involve combining custom vertical blinds with other window décor elements such as drapes and curtains. Of course, some types of blinds are always popular and these include classic styles like jalousies, blinds and vertical blinds, as well as newer fancy window coverings like plantation shutters.

Roman blinds, roller blinds, or wood blinds come in a variety of styles, materials, and colours. Roman shades are a classic look, and while being less bulky giving that cosy feel in winter, they allow you to use luxurious fabrics at a lower cost. Roman shades are very popular with those looking for a simple traditional style and an extra elegant and decorative look for their windows.

Whether it’s a newly built home or renovation, they are popular for kitchen and dining room windows. For Windows: These older homes traditionally require interior shutters, wood shutters with fabric bands, roller blinds or roman blinds. If you’ve used metal mini blinds, say hello and take home some stylish window blinds available in a wide range of colours, fabrics and designs.

Pairing dark finishes with classic white curtains or beige shades will give your room a fresh and inspired look. Black interior blinds or dark window trims are a huge trend right now and make windows look bright. The next time you are thinking of simple white curtains for your windows, choose neutral tones with a hint of something extra, be it pastel-coloured fabric or fabric with different shades woven into the fabric.

Decorate your windows with bold fabric prints, or for a subtler (but still dramatic) look, consider a window treatment style with interesting designs such as unique folds, folds, or cutouts. While window decoration is important in and of itself, hardware can add another style to a design

If you look at the blind trends of 2022, it will be apparent that all the popular window treatments enhance the appearance of your windows as well as enhance their functionality. Roller blinds have customization options that can solve most blinds problems, come in the widest range of designs and styles, and for example, are also generally the cheapest blinds. So, the most popular ways to update your roller shades for next year are custom printed roller shades with your designs or even photos, motorized roller shades that you can control with your remote control, and roller shades that fit snugly against the window frame. … no drilling required.

Of course, not all curtain buyers in 2022 bought a home office; but the type of tent that has proven popular this year reflects and is heavily influenced by the sudden rise in homework in recent years. Form follows function when it comes to curtains, and many of our clients who purchased new curtains last year have come to us looking for the best curtains for their home office. Many different types of window coverings can be used in your home.

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