How Venetian Blinds Can Transform Any Room

Restyling a room can be hard work with so many things to consider. Is the room too dark? How can you bring your room together? Usually, it’s the little things that help to transform a room into the room that you want it to be. So Venetian blinds may just be your solution.

What Are Venetian Blinds?

You have probably worked in an office or been to a friend’s house and seen these blinds hundreds of times without realising it. They’re a very popular blind choice are instantly recognisable. They’re comprised of multiple horizontal wooden or aluminium slats that are tiered via an adjustable cord. Simple enough right? So how can Venetian blinds hold the power to transform a whole room?

Complete Light Control

Thanks to the cord that keeps all of the individual slats suspended, you can change how much light your room received with a quick pull. Lighting can completely change how a room looks. A lot of natural light will make your room look airy and open. A limited amount of natural light will make your room feel more intimate and cosier. They may not entirely block out all-natural light, but Venetian blinds do let you alter the feel of any room as you wish.

A Full Range Of Styles

Being one of the most popular commercial and residential blind options, you have plenty of colour options to choose from. This means that you can customise your Venetian blinds to your personal preference. If you have a room with splashes of pink everywhere, then you can have pink blinds to bring the room together. Or, if your room feels too neutral, then pick a brighter colour to make your room seem less dreary.

Class And Luxury

Venetian blinds also come in a few textures. They are usually manufactured using solid hardwood but the more affordable options can be made from aluminium that is made up to look like wood (aka faux wood). Make full use of use of your Venetian blinds texture and add some class to your room. You would be surprised at how luxurious solid wood blinds can make your room feel. Especially if your room is full of deep, rich colours.

Order Venetian Blinds With Yewbarrow Blinds

If you are unsure whether these blinds are for you, why not set up a free consultation? One of our experienced blind specialists will come out to your home and work with you to find a style of blind that works for your home and room. They will help you pick out a blind type, colour, and texture that will help to push your room to that next level. While our team is there, they will measure your windows and take down any necessary measurements so once you have decided on a blind you like, we can get straight on with your order.

For a free home visit please contact us on 01977 860120 or email us at! We cannot wait to hear from you.

  • Have a consultation – this allows you to understand your options, work within a budget and create something that works for you (evening & weekend appointments available)
  • Think about functionality – always think about the ease of use for the blind, if you have young children this is something to consider
  • How reliable are they – don’t just go for the cheapest option, the idea is you buy your blind once and not have to worry about it again.

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