Make Your Office with the Right Blinds  

When it comes to picking blinds for the office, things can sometimes be tricky! The blinds you may pick for a home might not be suitable for the office, and there are many options to choose from! Here’s how you can make your office shine with the perfect kinds of blinds to spruce up your environment:

Your Office Needs: 

The first aspect you need to weigh up is how you and your employees work. For example, your office may be situated in a sunny area, requiring blinds with translucent fabric to block out any unnecessary glare from the sun.On the other hand, you may work overnight and require blackout blinds to block out any light from streetlamps. If you know what your needs are for concealing light, this will make choosing the opacity of your blinds a much simpler task! Another important consideration is how private you want your office to be. For example, if you’re situated on a busy road and don’t fancy being seen, you may consider dimout blinds so that no one can investigate your property.

Dynamic Blinds:

Whether you’re thinking about blinds for a home office or a commercial one, you want to pick dynamic and easily adjustable blinds! That way, you can account for any situation you may have in your office, such as a light glaring off your screen in the morning.A popular option for those looking for versatile office blinds is Venetian style blinds. These blinds are comprised of horizontal slats that can be moved up or down and tilted. This means you can adjust them throughout the day as the sun moves. This is perfect for the office as your lighting needs may change as the day goes on!

The Looks:

The next crucial thing to weigh up is the aesthetics of your blind choice. You may be lucky enough to work in an office with a patio, and in this case, you could invest in some vertical blinds which run vertically across big windows. These kinds of blinds can be used as a wow factor for your clients and present your office in a great light! If you’d rather stick with the classic roller or Venetian blinds for your office, consider what colours and materials you might choose. Make sure they make a good impression with your employees or clientele, as the look of your office is just as essential as the services you provide!

Order Office Blinds with Yewbarrow Blinds 

If you are still uncertain about which blinds will suit your office, or have any general enquiries, set up a free consultation today! We will provide an experienced blind specialist who can come to your office and help you decide which blinds are best for you! Our team will measure your windows so you can go straight to ordering after you’ve found the perfect blinds. We’ll even offer advice on the blind type, colour and texture that will be sure to make your office pop!

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  • Have a consultation – this allows you to understand your options, work within a budget and create something that works for you (evening & weekend appointments available)
  • Think about functionality – always think about the ease of use for the blind, if you have young children this is something to consider
  • How reliable are they – don’t just go for the cheapest option, the idea is you buy your blind once and not have to worry about it again.

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