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    Did you know that the perfect blinds solution is dependent on far more than just a snug fit and appealing cosmetics? Don’t get us wrong, we agree that professional installation and stunning aesthetics are important. However, there are several other factors for you to consider when choosing your Methley Blinds.

    While store-bought blinds may seem a little less heavy on the pocket, they could end up costing way more in the long run. At Yewbarrow Blinds, our expertise comes to the forefront with comprehensive blinds solutions for your Methley home. We take every factor into account when assessing your Methley blinds needs. These include the direction of your window, the amount of sunlight that you need, and the best type of blind for the space.

    Our team of blind specialists has over 15 years of experience in the industry. In that time we have expanded our reach for your convenience. With a team that has a dedication to professionalism, stellar service, and expertise. We will ensure you will find the perfect solution to cater to your Methley blinds needs. We come to you, do all the assessments, and provide you with quotations for your Methley blinds that are bound to blow you away.

    Yewbarrow Blinds understands that every home is unique, and each one needs a unique solution. Our Methley Blinds have a specific design to meld durability, elegance, and style with practicality and functionality. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Once you’ve experienced what we have to offer, you will never be able to settle for anything less.

    Our Methley Blinds
    Yewbarrow offers an extensive range of blinds that are custom-made and designed to match your decor. All in a wide variety of fabrics and materials that we build to last. You will be spoilt for choice when selecting the perfect Methley blinds that offer privacy and as much or as little light as you may need. Our range includes but doesn’t have a limit to:

    Day-night blinds
    Innovation and creativity meet in our day-night blinds that include with 2 layers of fabric. The day fabric is beautifully transparent while the night fabric has a specific design to block-out fabric to keep any unwanted light out. You can easily adjust these to suit your need.

    Sky Light Blinds
    Skylight windows do just what they should, but what about the times when there is just too little control over the amount of light that comes in? These pesky areas are no challenge for us at all. We can design the perfect motorised blind for your skylight, putting you back in control with ease.

    Motorised Methley Blinds
    Why not go the full monty with your Methley blinds by installing motorised blinds? Our motorised blinds offer convenience, practicality, and ingenious technology with automated time settings that allow you to control when they open and close. And you get to control them remotely too with apps like Alexa or Google Mobile. With our Methley motorised blinds, no one will ever know when you’re home or not!

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