Attic Window Blinds

Attic windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and finding the perfect blind to fit snugly can be extremely tricky. At Yewbarrow Blinds, our expertise extends far beyond just installation. We offer the ideal Velux blinds solutions in our extensive range of patterns and designs with Velux blinds that are convenient, easy to operate, and simply stunning. A loft or an attic can be put to good use for a number of different purposes, but this could be affected by the lack of blinds for your attic window. Depending on the slope of your window, you may find it a little difficult to find the perfect Velux blind. Our Velux blinds take care of this problem for you, with effortless integration that allows your attic window blind to open and close with your window. With our range of Velux blinds, you have no reason to struggle with unwanted light or poorly fit attic window coverings.

The benefits of attic window blinds

Whether your window is high up on the roof or within reach, your blind has to be designed for convenience and ease of operation. You also want to ensure that the amount of sunlight entering the attic is controllable, especially if you are using this space as a home office or a studio. Velux windows are specifically designed to provide both ventilation and light for your attic and it stands to reason that because this light may need to be controlled, you would need a Velux blind that is able to function optimally without interference or inconvenience. Velux blinds offer the ideal solution for your attic window and these can be manufactured in a variety of styles.

Quality Craftsmanship

Most attic window Velux blinds are actually roller blinds. Your blinds are made to measure, ensuring that they are the right fit for your window. We are part of just a few local blind companies that offer bespoke sizes and you are assured that even the most awkwardly sized window will be no problem for us to cover at all. Your blinds are further customised in a range of fabrics including blackout fabrics to keep any unwanted light out. And you get the convenience of easy operation with our tab-operated blinds that can easily be opened or closed by hand, or the choice of remote controlled or motorised blinds that just make life so much better. We use quality Velux blinds mounting brackets that are durable and beautiful side rails that offer a sophisticated and elegant look.

A blind to match your style

You can turn that attic space into whatever room you desire with blinds that match your decor perfectly. All our Velux blinds can be designed in any colour that you choose, and are guaranteed for life. Whether it is a Velux blind or shutter that you need, you can make the most of a company that offers style, sophistication, elegance and practicality in affordable Velux blinds solutions that will compliment your attic, with unrivalled service and workmanship.

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  • Have a consultation – this allows you to understand your options, work within a budget and create something that works for you (evening & weekend appointments available)
  • Think about functionality – always think about the ease of use for the blind, if you have young children this is definitely something to consider
  • How reliable are they – don’t just go for the cheapest option, the idea is you buy your blind once and not have to worry about it again.

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